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Exploring Landscape View of Ladakh [ L ]

In the life finding solitude has become a lost art which provide us an opportunity to discover ourself and find our own voice. There are plenty of places on the Earth where you can escape from the crowd and mind clearing solitude. One such enchanting destination in India is Ladakh which inspired Mr. Bhavik Vadera the founder of Landscape of Ladakh [L] and he travelled three times at Ladakh to explore landscape views. Ladscape of Ladakh working for last 3 years to give great experience of LADAKH - The Heaven on the Earth to travellers and tourists. Every traveller has a different story of Ladakh. It offers the most beautiful landscape and elegant views, valley of mountains, rivers and untouched places covers with snow. Its own sence of attachment and a bond that builds around various peaceful and naturally gifted places. The natural beauty of the place looks stunning besides nature lovers and holiday seekers, Ladakh is also a hub for adventure buffs who come here to indulge themeselves in the fun of trekking, mountain climbing and biking. Due to all this we think to bring all some extraordinary location, nestled in the lap of Indian Himalayas where you can spend great time.

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